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The Hybrid program is a one-year program that gives the experience of on-campus life while still being able to study at home. The core teachings will be watched at home using the Learning Management System. Students will then join fellow classmates in person on a regular basis. 

Students will work through their courses online and then gather together fortnightly on a Saturday from 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

The study load is approx 8-12h weekly

What is the Hybrid Program?

Where in Gold Coast will the "On-Campus" sessions be held?

148 Eastlake St, Carrara QLD 4211

How will this work on the Gold Coast?

How do I register?

You can contact us at 07 5515 0554 to secure your spot with a $100 registration deposit or contact us to find out more information.

When does the program begin?

The first day of Charis Hybrid school in Gold Coast is February 1st! The deadline for applications is Jan 22nd.

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Charis Bible College - Gold Coast

Would you like to attend Charis but have part- time or full time commitments in family, career or ministry? Charis' Hybrid Program on the Gold Coast could be just what you’re looking for!

Charis HYBRID provides a means of discipleship that can fit into your current life structure of family, career or ministry. Charis HYBRID also provides a structure of consistency that hinges on a fortnightly gathering of the student body to fellowship and grow together in the foundational truths taught out of God’s word, through Charis Bible College.

The Hybrid Program is a full-time, one-year program for first, second and third-year students which gives the experience of on-campus life while still being able to do most of the study at home. Our Hybrid meet-ups are planned fortnightly on a Saturday from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. 

All students will watch the lessons via an online learning management system. Every second Saturday students will come together for worship, live teaching, connect groups, review & share time, mission prep, guest speakers and much more. Build relationships with people who live active lives and value giving place to find and follow God's voice.

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Charis understands that if we are to see a world where each individual is continuing a Christ-like impact within their sphere of influence and calling, we need to value what God is saying to each individual personally. We don't get busy on being God's voice in your life, we're simply about facilitating a stronger connection between you and God.

We believe God has a unique call on your life and we value producing discipleship programs that honour that belief. A program that operates to further equip rather than distract someone from God's calling.

Our mission is to utilise the resources available to us to develop a means to more effectively equip and empower God's people at the place of their present season, whatever that may look like.

Charis exists: 

  • to support those who have part-time or full-time commitments in family, career, or ministry.
  • to operate a discipleship program founded solely on the word of God.
  • to further establish the belief that transformation can take place anywhere a heart is open to receive from God on a consistent basis.

To champion a legacy of God's children who have fixed their focus on a relationship with God as the source of their success.

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